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~ Got that WOW Factor Going On ~

Love is such an amazing thing. I knew I wanted to fall in love and meet my forever someone, I was ready and open to the idea. The dating scene and I were best friends, I did it for years - always looking, seeking, wanting, searching, but man it was exhausting. It really wasn't until I was completely relaxed and stopped turning it into my full-time job that love finally happened. A casual date that turned into my heart exploding with love and newness was a surprise. Meeting Johnny has changed everything about what I thought love could be - he exceeds my expectations in every way, every day. We are looking forward to our future, growing our love and relationship. Online dating was a hit for me, it led me to my partner, and I hope it can lead you to yours! Good luck and thank you guys for this awesome site!

-Kiki and Johnny

Life is too Short for Mediocre Love - It's Time for the Wow Factor!

Sometimes we get stuck in a mediocre love rut &
need to venture outside of our comfort zones.
No matter how stagnant you may feel, the heart
has a way of turning things around.
It will pick you up, infuse inspiration into
your spirit, and ignite a new fire in your soul.

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Keep That "WOW" in Your Love Life?

Be your authentic self and speak your truth.

Speaking your truth is vital to your relationship, but it does not give license to be hurtful to the other person. When you speak out blatantly, what frequently follows is regret. Share your thoughts and feelings, but practice a 24 hours rule. If you are heated or emotional, give it 24 hours before you speak up - sometimes this break in time helps to clarify things. But always be real, always be yourself.

Practice self-compassion.

Self-compassion occurs when we tune into our own needs and feelings. We are usually hardest on ourselves. These negative thoughts can carry over into the way we treat others. So be kind to yourself, love yourself and everything else will just flow.

Remain open and curious.

Be curious and open - always. When you remain open to the possibilities, you may find yourself surprised by the outcome. Also, people feel cared for when they are truly heard. Pay attention to their words, the nuances of their body language, tone of their voice, and eye contact. When we remain open we invite love in.

Laugh often.

Deliberately craft fun experiences, for these times together create the memories that bring meaning and sweetness to our lives. It's been shown that laughter may lower stress and the risk of heart disease. While there is not much hardcore data about the health benefits of laughter, most of us have experienced a reduction in tension, anxiety, and pain -- so LAUGH away, and laugh often!


Be quick to apologize when you have hurt or offended another. Apology is an important way of showing compassion, respecting another person, and letting them know that their feelings count. An apology can heal relationships and alleviate suffering. Although the past cannot be undone, a heartfelt apology can work wonders.


Forgiveness requires a shift of perception. We make the decision to look at the person that has wronged us through a different lens. It does not mean that we forget what happened or that the person is off the hook for their behavior. It means that we are ready to let go of the wrongdoing and of the past so that we can move forward in our own lives. Sometimes forgiving another person deepens the relationship, and sometimes it means that the relationship is over and you are choosing to no longer look back. Either way, forgiveness liberates us from the pain, loss, and disappointments of the past.

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